The Infamous King of Positivity (I.K.P.) Provides A Unique Listening Experience That Delves Into A Number Of Human Emotions

SUMMARY: A rich and vibrant look into the human experience, recent album “In Positivity We Trust” is the most ambitious work from IKP yet. Dealing with a number of themes and experiences, the album explores the lighter side of dealing with depression, homelessness, and doubt, all without losing the visceral emotion that the experiences entail. For fans of IKP, it reveals a side of the artist seldomly seen and acts as a positive avenue with which he is able to channel his raw energy.

IKP Press Photo Main Producer, songwriter, and poet Kenny Alvarez, who goes by the name I.K.P., which stands for ‘The Infamous King of Positivity’, is a native of Brooklyn, New York and Norfolk, Virginia, and a voice for the LGBT community. In 2011, IKP jump started his career at the Phreak N Queer Festival. Inspired by his days of poetry, he uses his way with words and positive outlook to help others deal with issues including living with HIV and AIDS, a disease that has affected many people close to him. In that same year, he released his first LP “Ignoring the Known Protocol”, which not only addressed LGBT issues, but also the marginalization of numerous communities that were the victim of oppression and hypocrisy.
In addition to being a spokesperson for the LGBT community, IKP uses his music to channel his own anger and depression. Recorded while he was homeless, “In Positivity We Trust” is a deep and challenging album that he deems is more upfront than his previous works. The earnest nature of “In Positivity We Trust” reveals a side of himself that is seldom seen, creating yet another dimension to his music and as an artist. As a poet and visual artist, IKP brings a visual aesthetic to his music in order to make it relatable as possible, a trick he learned while making his second full-length album, “Executive Realness”. Every track on “In Positivity We Trust” has a piece of visual art representing the music.

IKP 4 Pres Part 2 Official Cover_PALike all of the IKP albums, “In Positivity We Trust” was recorded at a home studio using Pro Tools and with the help of co-producers. IKP also revealed that he has another album in the works, which could be released as of mid-2016. In the meantime, he is also part of the music group called The AlliYance, with 2 other independent hip-hop artists and a producer as part of the team. “In Positivity We Trust” is currently available on Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby and other digital music outlets. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify, Rhapsody, and Tidal. Listeners can connect with IKP through his main website ( or through Twitter @IKP4President. Also check out the first single from  “In Positivity We Trust”  titled “Breakin’ Free (Part 2)” on the IKP YouTube channel at